Christmas at ERTFLIX with 30 new proposals for adults and children

Cute reindeer, elves, Santa Clauses, favorite children’s heroes in holiday episodes, but also love, magic, fairy tales for adults who insist on feeling young and of course dancing and having fun with a strong dose of swing. This Christmas at ERTFLIX, they have it all.

ERT’s free digital platform with fanatical friends wears its festive clothes and keeps us company 24 hours a day with two new categories of programs. One for all users of the digital platform “Christmas for everyone” and a specially designed for our little friends “Christmas for children”.

The options will be constantly updated. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for Christmas.

Christmas for everyone

The Christmas Shoes (The most beautiful gift)

Rob Lowe shows us what the true meaning of Christmas is. A special gift, characters that change and lives that intersect, in a moving, must-watch drama.


The March Sisters at Christmas

The modern rendition of the novel, “Little Ladies”, is the perfect holiday comedy. Four sisters fight, care and look for a solution to save their home and family, before the magic of Christmas is destroyed.


Family for Christmas

Motherhood is just “a wish away” and this Christmas the holiday genie decides to change Hannah’s life. In one night she finds herself having a family with her old love and she lives the difficulties, but also the hilarious incidents of her new life.


A smile in the night (A smile in the four in the morning)

A German Love Story about the magic of Christmas love. It is December in Hamburg, when Jule meets her own love “disguised” as Santa Claus. Are four years enough to convince them that they can not do without each other?


A Christmas Carol: The musical (Christmas story: The Musical)

Three Christmas ghosts, the present, the past and the future visit Ebenezer Scrooge, changing his life. The classic, Christmas Dickens in its musical version.

Swingin ‘Christmas (Swingin Christmas)

The most stylish Christmas, with Mr. Family Guy. Seth McFarlane with other special guests, in 83 minutes with Christmas classics and sounds from the golden age of swing and the orchestra of John Williams.

Christmas for children


Santa Swap (The change of Santa Claus)

An unexpected change brings ups and downs this Christmas. A dad has set a goal to make the holidays special for his family, but this time nothing goes according to plan.


Journey to the Christmas Star (In Search of the Christmas Star)

Cursed kingdoms, lost princesses and a journey through mighty enemies, in this family, Christmas adventure. Heroine; A brave girl who has set a goal to find the Christmas Star.

Zig & Sharko (Santa Claus Company)

Zig and Sarco, the children’s favorite heroes, in a festive business, with festive disguises and constant fights. The craziest Christmas party, in a special episode of the adored children’s series.


Pixi Post and the gift bringers (The gifts of Pixi Post)

An elf that looks like no one, is set to save Christmas. Opposite him, Monopolis, who wants to be the only one who brings gifts to children. Solidarity, cooperation and respect for diversity are the gifts of Pixie Post!


The Little Reindeer

A short film about the sweetest friendship of the holidays. A small reindeer… “in a gift box”, loses his way and a child finds him, aiming to help him. Really, is there a better friend than a reindeer?


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