Christina Bomba: The meal of Sakis Tanimanidis’s pregnant wife – Today she had an appetite for …

THE Christina Boba she has been pregnant for a few weeks but has not gained any extra weight despite the fact that she is pregnant with twins.

His wife Saki Tanimanidis revealed through a story on Instagram what he ate today!

According to her revelation, her appetite was for a delicious and dietary salad with chicken, corn and lettuce.

Although, as she wrote in her post, her portion was large, her meal is definitely considered extremely healthy and of course it did not fill her body with unnecessary calories.

“Big salad”, she wrote in the caption of her photo.

Meanwhile, Christina Bomba’s belly has already started to swell slowly and very soon the signs of her pregnancy will be strong, however she intends to keep her body shapely and healthy.

See the post of Christina Boba with her lunch: