Child allowance: When is it paid to the beneficiaries by OPEC

When will the beneficiaries receive the sixth bi-monthly installment of the Child Allowance from OPEC

On December 31, 2021 the beneficiaries the 6th dose for Child Allowance by OPEC, provided they have submitted the applications until Friday, December 11.

The payment of his last installment Child Allowance concerns two months December – January, as recently announced by ministry Working and Social Affairs. However, the payment of the latter dose paid at the end of December and not January.

THE OPEC reminds everyone stakeholders that to grant the Child Allowance the application must be final and approved. An application temporarily saved is considered unsubmitted and will not be considered. It is noted that the electronics platform A21, in which interested parties submit their applications for Child Allowance has been temporarily closed from midnight on Thursday to Friday, December 11th.

How child allowance is calculated

The Child Allowance calculated:

  1. according to dependent children declared in the A21 of 2020
  2. and according to the latest settlement tax declaration.

To administer the Child Allowance by OPEC should the Application to have been submitted definitively and have approved.

  • Application, which was saved temporarily, considered not submitted and is not taken into account.
  • Applicants can visit him OPEC link and read the frequently asked questions and related answers given by the organization and aim for any clarifications about the Child Allowance.