“Bomb” from SKAI: Finally “Stin ygeia mas re padia” and Spyros Papadopoulos!

Rapid developments in SKAI on its broadcast Spyrou Papadopoulos “To our health guys”! What happens;


It is a very difficult year for his music show Spyrou Papadopoulos in SKAI. As it is not only opposite the hurricane “J2US»Του Nikos Koklonis but also the “Home with Mega»Which in the last two weeks has risen a lot with the result that SKAI finishes third in the zone in the dynamic audience.

Spyros Papadopoulos has one of the longest running shows on Greek television, it is like now a general assumption that this particular setup and concept is tired…

In SKY do not intend to renew the contract for “Stin ygeia mas re padia” which expires in the summer of 2021.

The two-year contract was signed in April 2019 and even with the provision that the show will not be able to move from Saturday, a fact that created many problems in SKY in terms of programming and its flexibility. This is the prevailing suggestion on the channel at the moment and it remains to be seen if it will change in the future…

Source: athensmagazine.gr

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