“Bomb” at OPEN with Katerina Keinourgiou – TV

Pleasant are the news that “erupted” for Katerina Kainourgiou and the show “Happy” that she presents at OPEN, as well as yesterday 14/12 for another day was found first one to the preferences of the public.

Specifically, the morning show of the channel, has proved to be one of its strong papers, as there are many times when it … “climbs” to the top of its general chart AGB!

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So it was yesterday, since according to the data from her motorbikes Nielsen, Katerina Keinourgiou was her … queen morning zone!

Morning zone

  • ANT1: Breakfast 11.6
  • SKY: Mismatched 12.0
  • Mega: Let’s go Danae 6.5
  • ALPHA: T-Live 7.2
  • Open: Happy 13.1
  • STAR: In the nest of Kou Kou 10.6

“I have a lot of nerves now, shame”

Enraged Katerina Keinourgiou was on the air of Open, who she did not hide her nerves, emphasizing that an incident was absolutely shameful, thus causing its “explosion”.

The well-known presenter and her team on the show “Happy” commented on what happened yesterday (2/12) in the episode of Big Brother and focused on what Dimitris Kehagias and Sofia Danezi did, as they reached an extreme level of verbal violence, very close in fact in the physical.

The reactions on Twitter are endless and Kainourgiou, shortly before it was revealed on her show who the candidates to leave are, showed her annoying her with the behavior of the two players, namely Kehagias. “I have a lot of nerves now, leave me alone, it is a shame,” she said, adding that it is shameful for a person to behave like that and bowling.

Katerina Keinourgiou is shocked: “Before I close my eyes…”

Katerina Keinourgiou was shocked in the air of Open, with the well-known presenter accepting a pleasant surprise and be unhappy, despite the harsh phrase she heard.

On the other line of the phone, during the show “Happy”, was her grandmother, who wanted to wish her well because of her name day. The two of them exchanged wishes, in essence, since they have the same name, with Mrs. Katerina bringing even more fun to the company of her granddaughter with her brioche.

Kainourgiou wanted to hear her grandmother promise her that she would be 93 years old, now 88. “Before I close my eyes, I want a great-granddaughter”, Mrs. Katerina answered, having a… demand from her granddaughter and Filippos Tsagridis.

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