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Olympiacos was superior to AEK, but accepted the draw (1-1) with a goal that should not have counted. Brusai made it 0-1 in the 55th minute and Simoes in the 80th minute equalized, in a phase that was foul on Embilas. Also, the same player should not have played, since normally he should have been sent off in the 35th minute for the offside shot at Thiago Silva.

The game in OAKA was not something special in the first half. In fact, the playing field was in a very bad condition and it is a shame that there are such stadiums. Olympiakos was almost not threatened at all, apart from a phase with Garcia’s corner, however it had a great opportunity. In the 18th minute, Masouras committed a foul from the right, El Arabi caught his head through the area and Tsintotas fell in his corner and drove to a corner. In addition, in the 35th minute, Olympiacos has every reason to shout about the phase of not expelling Simoes! El Arabi left the counterattack, Thiago Silva went up on the axis and Simoes kicked him from behind and out of phase, with the referee giving him only a yellow card. The definition of the red card was simply “changed” to yellow! Nothing changed until the end of the first half and the 0-0 did not change the moment.

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In the second half, Pedro Martins started with two changes, putting Fortuni (instead of Massoura) and Kamara (instead of Thiago Silva). The Greek midfielder entered the game well and had some very good actions. In fact, the phase of 0-1 in 55 ‘started from his feet: Fortounis, out on the right, found Bouhalakis on the axis, he made the vertical to Vrousai and the young winger with a great place sent the ball to the opposite corner for the lead of the Legend. The goal, in fact, was initially canceled, but after using the VAR he counted normally. It could not be done otherwise, since it was spotless. In the 66th minute, El Arabi, after a shot by Cholebas, missed a great opportunity from close range, since he did not make the projection well. If the pass had been made lower, everything would have been simpler. In the 67th minute, Fortounis made the play outside the area, but the ball went a little out. AEK threatened in the 69th minute with Mandalos, but Sa reacted correctly and repelled a corner. In the 80 ‘it became 1-1 from the head of Simoes, a goal that should not have counted. It was not only that he did not even have to play, but also that he committed a foul, after pushing Embila into the phase. The hosts threatened in the 90 ‘with Tankovic, with Olympiakos having another great opportunity to win the match. Fortounis executed the corner in 93 ‘, Embila caught the head and Tsintotas repulsed. Thus, Olympiakos remained at 1-1 in OAKA against AEK, in a match that was better …

AEK: Tsintotas, Bakakis (71 ‘Paulinho), Lopez, Nedeltsiarou, Tsigrinski, Kristisic (70’ Sakhof), Simoes, Garcia, Mandalos, Livagia (71 ‘Tankovic), Ansarifard (46’ Olive).

OLYMPIC: Sa, Rafinia, Semedo, Cisse, Cholebas, Embila, Bouhalakis, Vrousai, Silva (46 ‘Kamara), Masouras (46’ Fortounis), El Arabi.


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