Benevento-Lazio 1-1 – Football – Italy

The two matches that opened the curtain for the 12th game of the Championship ended without a winner. Lazio, despite the fact that they were ahead, could not get the three-pointer, staying for another match, without a three-pointer and without appearing to be able to recover after the defeat by Verona. Imobile opened the scoring for the home side, with the equalizer coming in the 45th minute from Skiatarella who was sent off in the final. Lazio remains far from the top of the standings with 18 points, at 12 Benevento.

In the other game that took place earlier, Crotone drew 0-0 with Udinese, with the hosts taking their 6th place in the league, while the “zebras” are at 14 points.

In detail, the 12th match:

Tuesday 15/12

Udinese-Crotone 0-0

Benevento-Lazio 1-1

(45 ‘Skiatarella – 25’ Imobile)

Wednesday 16/12

Juventus-Atalanta (19:30)

Verona-Sampdoria (21:45)






Thursday 17/12

Roma-Turin (21:45)

The next (13th) match:

Saturday 19/12

Fiorentina-Verona (16:00)

Sampdoria-Crotone (19:00)

Parma-Juventus (21:45)

Sunday 20/12

Turin-Bologna (13:30)

Inter-Spezia (16:00)

Cagliari-Udinese (16:00)

Sassuolo-Milan (16:00)

Benevento-Genoa (16:00)

Atalanta-Roma (19:00)

Lazio-Napoli (21:45)

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