Belgium: A volunteer dressed as “Santa Claus” is accused of infecting 75 people with a coronavirus in a nursing home

A volunteer dressed as “Santa Claus” allegedly infected 75 people with a coronavirus in a nursing home in Belgium.

Although the visit last week of “Santa Claus” and his assistants was enthusiastically received by the inmates of a nursing home near Antwerp, in the end it was not so pleasant.

The volunteer is reportedly accused of transmitting the coronavirus to 61 inmates and 14 staff members.

Three days after his visit to the nursing home, “Santa Claus” fell ill and was diagnosed positive for coronavirus, forcing the health authorities to subject all inmates and staff to diagnostic tests.

“It was a dark day for the nursing home. “It is very difficult psychologically for the man who played Santa Claus, as well as for those who organized his visit and for the staff,” said the mayor of the city, Wim Cayers.

It is reported that the inmates did not wear masks and that the volunteer did not keep the necessary distances from the elderly. The mayor accused the nursing home officials of irresponsible attitude, who are now trying with the help of the authorities, the Red Cross and the governor of Antwerp to control the outbreak.

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