Bandia: “Aris gave me more money but I wanted to stay in Piast”

A revelation was made by the Spanish football player of Piast Glivice, Gerard Bandia, stating in an interview that he had accepted a proposal from Aris in the summer.

Gerard Bandia, a 31-year-old Polish midfielder from Piast Gliwice, revealed that he came very close to leaving the club last summer, after six years of presence, following a proposal that reached his hands on behalf of Aris.

More specifically, the experienced media said in an interview with journalist Sebastian Stazewski:

“Piast gave me everything, since before I came to Poland (in 2016) I wanted to finish my career. I feel beautiful here, I feel important for the club. The Greeks (s.s. Aris) gave me more money, but I told my agent that the first choice for me was Piast. I always listened to what they had to offer me. “If I liked what they offered me, I would not talk to other clubs.”