“Aris’ penalty is correct, no penalty for PAOK”

According to the president of KED / EPO, the Dutch referee Naihaus and his assistants made the right decisions in Sunday’s Aris-PAOK derby.

The English chief referee considers that the penalty was correctly attributed to a difficult phase, while no penalties were correctly given in the two phases that PAOK protested.

Analytically, as Mr. Klatenberg states: “KED agrees with the imposition of the penalty, because the attacker first came in contact with the ball with his right foot, with the ball then coming in contact with the outstretched hands of the goalkeeper. Then, immediately the goalkeeper in his attempt to play the ball, collides with the right foot of the attacker, causing a foul, which results in the penalty, as any contact with the goalkeeper’s ball was not enough to be considered a clear and intentional contact with her.
KED recognizes the degree of difficulty of this decision, which was quite subjective and will not be accepted by all. ”

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