Anna Fonsou: The heartbreaking “goodbye” – The death that shocked her!

Struck by the coronavirus, one of her dear friends “left” Annas Fonsou.

The macabre list of our fellow human beings who lose the battle every day and “leave” struck by the deadly virus is growing.

Among them is Anna Fonsou’s good friend, Nikos Kyriazidis.

The beloved actress and president of the Actor’s House “said goodbye” to him with a heartbreaking message through her facebook page.

“Today has been a difficult day for me. I lost my friend Nikos Kyriazidis from a coronavirus… An important person My own good night for years my dear good trip and if there is a second life I wish you to become a bird… to fly free in clear skies… goodbye friend… Anna Fonsou “, she wrote in her touching post!