Angelos Bratis: He revealed why he was absent from the GNTM set

After completing the two tests of his grand final GNTM 3 Angelos Bratis revealed to the three finalists and his teammates who were with them in the studio, the reason why he was missing from the set.

According to what was revealed by the judge of the fashion reality show, he had come in contact with a case of coronavirus and although he is not a carrier of the virus, he chose to stay away from his associates so that they are all completely safe and calm that they are not in danger.

“I owe you an explanation why I am not there with you in the last and most important trials for you. This happens with great sorrow.

At one point they called me and told me that I had met someone who was a confirmed case of Covid so I automatically removed myself with all safety and protection to protect you, the whole set, all our partners.

All my tests are negative, I have no symptoms, I am very healthy.

“I just decided because there is a panic and people are confused that I do not want to put pressure on someone psychologically and feel insecure and that is why I did not come with you tonight although I really wanted to.” stated characteristically Angelos Bratis.

See in the following video what Angelos Bratis said:

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