Andreas Fikioris: Friends and relatives said their last goodbyes to the well-known “tele-doctor” | HELLAS

The funeral procession and burial of Andreas Fikioris, the well-known doctor who passed away at the age of 72 last Saturday, December 12, was betrayed by his heart.

The funeral took place in a close family circle, while the “present” was given only by a few close friends of the family, due to the situation prevailing with the coronavirus health crisis.

Andreas Fikioris had the specialty of anesthesiologist, however he promoted various treatments and preparations and had essentially become an entrepreneur in the field of health. The most famous of these was ozone water, a product nicknamed “Dr. Ozone”.

It is noted that the 72 years old doctor was an active member of the landscaping association Megala Pefka Keratea, with the Association stating, among other things, in an announcement about his death: “We are all very shocked by the sudden and untimely loss of our friend and neighbor. Andreas was the man who with passion and love for what he did left an indelible mark on his every pass. He painted with vivid and indelible colors every intercourse, no matter how short it was. He passionately loved his family, his job and our place. He offered all his being to all three. We will all miss his clear and strong voice, his pure and generous feelings and his wide smile “.