Andelina Varthakouri: She had her party and she showed us her glamorous living room

They are definitely one of the most talked about couples of the season. Harry and Andelina Varthakouri have talked several times about what they experience inside the house, often leaving us speechless about the tensions and the fights that will always have a happy ending.

This year, Harry accepted SKAI’s proposal and so we saw him for the first time in the role of presenter. On the other hand, Andelina, after the end of her collaboration with Alpha, agreed with SKAI, where she will present a show in the noon zone of the weekend.

In fact, her husband will play an active role in the show, without even knowing more.

Andelina had her honorary one, since her name day filled her instagram profile with warm wishes and beautiful words. The presenter, wanting to thank her online friends, uploaded her new photo from her decorated living room.