And suddenly Turkey was hung up on… phones

The imposition of US sanctions on Turkey over the purchase of Russian S-400 missiles brought many talks on Tuesday, December 15th.

Both Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu requested and spoke by telephone with the two power poles around which Turkey moves as a satellite, regardless of which markets demonstration or not.

Erdogan, at his request, spoke with European Council President Charles Michel, and Tsavousoglu with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The aim in both Turkish attempts to rekindle relations was to keep the channels of communication open between the “Friends and partners”.

In Erdogan’s phone call, Michel limited himself to briefing on the conclusions of the Eastern Mediterranean Summit and stressed the need for permanent de-escalation and the resumption of exploratory contacts with Greece (as well as the UN-sponsored Cyprus issue). However, the Turkish president was more detailed:

“Turkey wants to open a new page with the EU” and “resume talks with the EU looking at the situation as a whole” and “on the basis of common interests,” said Erdogan, who said the immigration pact signed in 2016 between Turkey and the EU can be a starting point for creating a more “positive” climate. At the same time, the Turkish president reiterated Ankara’s readiness for exploratory talks with Greece, claiming that the Greek side is constantly avoiding negotiations.

Tsavousoglu’s phone call to Pompeo was dominated by Turkish grievances over US sanctions, which the Turks officially described as “Disastrous mistake”. The politically angry Pompeo these days would have some fun hearing his Turkish counterpart launch threats against the US “If they do not revoke”…

Tsavousoglou himself in other statements, irrelevant to the conversation but of geopolitical significance, gave the mark of Turkish expansion, talking about the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus.

The usual exaggerations and immeasurably embellished his predictable beauty: “No one can achieve anything by bending the hand of Turkey, we change the course, we bend the hands that are moving against us”, etc.

The Turkish minister did not fail to state that Erdogan is not κ Macron and that πρέπει France must leave NATO: “Why should we leave NATO? We do not want anyone to leave, but if there is someone who says “NATO is brain dead”, if there is someone who is bothered by our power there, and wants to leave NATO, then let him go “ he said.

Of course, Tsavousoglou did not name either the French president or France.