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Less than ten days are left for Christmas, with infectious disease specialists stressing on a daily basis that this year’s festivities will be different due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has made it clear in every tone that this year’s New Year’s Eve will not be reminiscent of those of previous years, but allows 9 people from two families to gather at home for the holidays. “It is an issue related to social peace, the psychological state of families, which have been quite burdened lately,” said yesterday the Secretary General of Commerce, Panagiotis Stampoulidis. “But I think in the end each of us, even if we want to invite people to our home, will primarily think about their safety,” he added.

How to spend Christmas – With which SMS will the transfer be made

The Official Gazette published yesterday, Tuesday 15 December, states that especially on the days 24-25 / 12/2020 and 31/12/2020 and 1/1/2021 gatherings are allowed with a maximum of 9 people from up to 2 families. At the same time, it is emphasized that the citizens are allowed to travel from 5.00 to 22.00, which means that the dinner will end early.

New Year’s Eve travel, however, also passes through the mobile phone, so citizens who will need to move to go to a family home will have to send a message with the code 6 to 13033 so that they will not be fined.

With click away and drive through the shopping in the holidays

As for the Christmas markets, in addition to the New Year’s Eve, new data apply, as retailers and consumers are asked to adapt to click away and drive through methods, measures that will be in force until at least January 7.

In click away the pre-purchase of the product, ie the electronic or telephone order, is mandatory, while the collection is done by a single person. For the receipt, the customer must have a document confirming the purchase by the company via e-mail and state the name, address and VAT number of the company, as well as the exact time of receipt. At the same time, sending an SMS to 13033 with the code 2 is required.


Click away and courier: What applies to product returns in stores – The directive of the Ministry of Development

The collection is made from the entrance of the store, ie the customer does not enter the store and payment is made only electronically and by POS. There must be a distance of at least 2 meters between the customers, while up to 9 people can be in the queue. Collection from stores is not allowed in the case of stores located inside closed shopping malls or operating under “in-store” type cooperation agreements.

As far as drive through is concerned, this is a new shopping method that enables shopping centers, only those that have open space, to deliver goods to the citizen, with stands outside. As it has become known, the method works with consumers arriving outside a specific commercial area by car, having with them the identity and proof of purchase. After demonstrating the above, they will receive their order without getting out of the car, will sign a receipt and will leave.

When is it allowed to move outside the prefecture during the holidays – The 4 exceptions

It is reminded that at Christmas the measure of the ban from moving from prefecture to prefecture will remain in force, in order not to cause a new “explosion” of coronavirus cases, which remain at relatively high levels.

Nevertheless, under certain conditions, it will be possible to move outside the prefecture, ie to move to another Region.

The government spokesman clarified that it will be possible to reunite families with members working in different prefectures. But in this case they will have to show E1 or E9 to prove where the place of permanent residence is.

A “window” of movement is expected to be given to them as well students who did not manage to return to their place of residence before the imposition of the new lockdown.

In short, travel outside the prefecture will be exceptionally allowed for:

  • return to permanent residence
  • family reunification
  • health reasons
  • professional reasons

What will apply to hotels

Regarding the hotels, the general secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and Investment announces with an announcement that the hotel companies and the consumer public, that the restaurants of the hotels during the eve and on the day of Christmas and New Year, will not work.

Only room service will be allowed for residents. In the coming days, as mentioned in the announcement, a relevant joint ministerial decision will be issued.

It is noted that there were relevant advertisements and posts of hotel companies for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. A representative of a large hotel unit in the center of Athens explained to that “nothing is done illegally”, assuring that “no New Year’s Eve with music will be organized, as every year” and that “all the prescribed measures will be observed”.

The “window” they found has troubled the relevant ministries and considered the possibility of not allowing restaurants to operate in hotels during the holidays.

Last night, Adonis Georgiadis stressed in his statements to Blue Sky, on the occasion of the “package” of hotels for the holidays, that there is no choice of hotel accommodation and for this reason the ministry will immediately issue a relevant ministerial decision, most likely and today.

Also, the Deputy Minister of Development, Nikos Papathanasis, speaking to OPEN TV, announced that the “New Year’s Eve” in hotels will be banned and that this possibility will not be allowed. In addition to the experts, there were also complaints from representatives of the catering industry, who claimed that they were being treated worse.

What applies to churches

In the Government Gazette for the holidays there is also a reference to what is provided for the churches. Analytically:

  • Performing services, worship services, rituals or any kind of religious ceremony exclusively by religious ministers and the necessary support staff without the presence of other natural persons.
  • Exceptionally, it is permissible to perform services, worship services, rituals or any kind of religious ceremony on 25/12/2020, 1/1/2021 and 6/1/2021 in the presence of natural persons, however, respecting the maximum proportion of an individual per 15 sqm and with a maximum number of attendees of 25 natural persons, excluding the Metropolitan Churches, where they exist, in which the maximum number of attendees is set at 50 natural persons.
  • Only the religious minister, up to 9 people and the persons in charge of the burial, are allowed to participate in the funerals and related religious services and other rituals and burial events.
  • During the feast of the Epiphany (6/1/2021) there is no sanctification of the waters in any open public space, except inside the Holy Temples.