After many years, cars will be manufactured again in Greece, even electric ones

The company Next e.go SE, which manufactures small electric cars intended mainly for urban transportation, and Enterprise Greece signed today, in the presence of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a letter of intent to cooperate.

Which concerns the construction in our country of a factory in which 30,000 electric cars will be produced annually. It’s about e.Go Life which is currently available in three versions -differentiate mainly in the capacity of their batteries starting from 14.9 kWh and reaching up to 23.9- and its price starts at around 15,000 euros.

Next e.go SE will be asked within the next quarter to decide between the three areas that are candidates for the headquarters of the factory, while based on the initial planning production will begin in 2023.

Next e.Go was founded in 2015 by G√ľnther Schuh, professor at the Technical University of Aachen who participated in the group and its electric car meets the philosophy of simple and affordable construction.

Four years after its foundation, in 2019, the company ran into financial problems, in the spring of 2020 filed for insolvency, while on 31the Was acquired in August by the Dutch investment group nd Industrial Investments BV.