Aeroflot: Special aircraft seats for those who refuse to wear a mask

The Russian airline Aeroflot creates special seats on its aircraft for those passengers who refuse to wear the medical mask, after the doors of the aircraft are closed.

The statement was made by the spokeswoman for the Russian airline Yulia Spivakova, adding that this is an international practice and a necessary measure.

“It is extremely important for us with the situation that has been formed to guarantee the safety of the passengers. That is why special seats are provided for passengers who refuse to wear the mask after closing the doors. It is an international practice and of course a necessary measure. “Its implementation does not preclude the adoption of other measures in relation to the use of personal protective equipment on the aircraft,” Spivakova said.

Aeroflot announced yesterday that it would step up controls on the use of masks inside aircraft, saying that passengers who refuse to wear the mask covering their mouths and noses are not allowed to board.

He even pointed out that they should wear it throughout the flight and during the landing and they will only be able to take it off when the food is served.

With information from ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ / TASS / Reuters

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