AEO President: Vaccines are on the doorstep – The safety of the vaccine is great

“The covid-19 vaccine is just around the corner. EOF has a main role because it is the competent body of the country “said during the briefing of the Ministry of Health for the coronavirus, the President of the National Medicines Organization Dimitris Filippou

Mr. Filippou, in turn, assured that the organization is in full operational readiness in order to carry out all the procedures required for the vaccine to arrive in the country.

“The vaccination will be done according to plan, there will be no overcrowding. The safety of the vaccine is great “

He also stated that EOF will monitor the availability of the vaccine and ensure the quality and consequently the safety and effectiveness “.

Despite the fact that the vaccination will be done according to a plan, which means that all the plans announced by the government will be observed, Dimitris Filippou referred to the so-called “pharmacovigilance”.

This is the “yellow card”. According to the president of EOF, every drug that circulates in the country monitors its progress in the long run to ensure the safety of the vaccine while it is possible to record possible side effects.

The AEO will undertake the recording of side effects while every care has been taken for communication of the people who have been vaccinated with the organization.

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