AEK: Too bad, unfair but also a curse! | Superleague Interwetten & AEK

In football everything has its explanation for each result. You have the fact that the best does not always win, Among other things, this is why it is the top team sport of all, then focus on the details of each group. What elements were missing, what did not go well and the victory was lost, in general the factors that determined the result … Somehow we will proceed on the occasion of the match between AEK and Panathinaikos with the difference that for the “yellow-blacks” we have to look a little … metaphysically for what is happening to her in this year’s derby!

Especially after that with him Panathinaikos which was (only) worth winning but still failed. Which means: recurring coincidence ceases to be coincidence! It just confirms what we have underlined several times since the beginning of the season and after a substantial image we had of the team on the grass: It clearly lacks strong personalities in its roster and this does not change if only victorious results come in the other matches.

I am honestly sad that I emphasize it once again but it is the reality. That is why in the recent past I have noted that there is nothing from now on to judge from this football department. Pimust have been judged and taken under the base … The only moment of satisfaction and success of this roster was the qualification against Wolfsburg. That says it all EVERYTHING and the conclusion for the vast majority of its footballers cannot be disputed …

THE Lack of personalities is something that hurt AEK this year in many matches, very much to be precise, we saw it in the match with Panathinaikos where for 45 minutes the “yellow-blacks” seemed to have another team against them, definitely not Panathinaikos! I really do not remember seeing such an opponent drowning in a derby in the last decade (and more), or at least I do not have a corresponding picture in my mind: I repeat as in the second half where the opponent did not have the opportunity to change a second pass!

The derby became a curse!

So this happens to AEK from the championship season onwards … Not to win derbies in common. Great curse, great … He has just won three of the 31 he has given and of course this year in 13 such matches he remains without a win! For this reason I insist that one can not expect anything more from this … project in terms of the roster. I focus more on the players because my personal opinion is that the main responsibility for the result (and) with Panathinaikos is theirs and not of Manolo Jimenez …

If I exclude them static phases that come and go without AEK winning none of them (and I owe it to the Spanish coach) and the fact that it does not give much basis to the work piece from the middle and front, for what the Union players did not do in the last third of the field, Manolo is not responsible! Hell, finish the phase correctly in the box, it is not difficult, in addition, if you can not and you are in AEK, it is all wrong! Simple and honest … But for the 15 minimum static balls you won (corner and foul around the opponent’s goal) and you did not make half a phase suspicion it is … a work of Himeneth!

But I repeat that for the match with my Panathinaikos “It’s the fault” exclusively of the footballers. They have to consolidate it themselves and react one day, if … Attention I do not write that they were indifferent. On the contrary: they had desire, intensity, passion, they ran, they drowned the opponent, they tried and that is why they did not lose. It was a pity yes, it was unfair yes, they should have won, but it did not happen and they have I repeat ALL their responsibility!

In other words, AEK stepped on an area at any time they wanted and there was no clear mind to find a simple phase end while it was finding – it created the spaces to take advantage of them in the face of something worse than … a coach at home. We saw Albanis (very bad), Garcia (who was good, he got angry not to lose, but frivolous), Oliveira, Mandalos, Ansarifard, Galanopoulos, the extreme backs (Vasilantonopoulos and Lopez) to finish not just the phases … Something that is unacceptable and of course will cost a derby.

When you pay dearly for your … gaps!

We had the opponent as a given that with half a phase he manages to find goals. He has done it since he took over Bologna (who is incredibly bad for Panathinaikos) in almost all matches. So it is not possible to get close to 70% ball possession, to play literally your opponent for half for 45 minutes, to have 15 finals of which 10 at home and not to find at least two goals! The worst part was not that you had essentially no goals at all, 5-6 good phases, of which 3 were for goals (Albani heads in the half meter, Mandalou’s direct foul in the first and second 45 minutes and Garcia in the fourth).

In addition, the truth is that AEK in the goal phase paid dearly for its … gaps! For-Ansarifard’s mistake that should be found better than the ones you have, the absence of the left back (and the … Gandalf to arrive late and the ball to change course on the back of Lopez -who was good- from his cross Carlitos to eventually go elsewhere), the mistake of the stoppers who lose the second player just stepping on an area and the goalkeeper who had to take out that head!

We said earlier about the curse. Such is the one that haunts AEK in the derbies … In the goal you concede, all the gaps in the roster are commonr. You add the most important the lack of personalities and you have the general picture (along with the factor of luck and work even in statics) for the reasons that the Union failed to win Panathinaikos again in OAKA and in general derby (because similar things happened in the 2-2 of the regular season in Toumba) …

At the end of the day, AEK at least managed not to lose the match … Something very important for its goal after remaining in the plus 5, it shared its difference with Panathinaikos and now she has other derbies and difficult matches ahead of her with Olympiakos and two with PAOK for a championship and a Cup! However, a huge opportunity was lost, but a huge one, to end the issue of a European ticket from now on.

PS: A big congratulations to AEK for the shirts with which its players entered the stadium before the match and were dedicated to the fans and the fact that football – in essence – belongs to them. I know that after a gel some people would even make fun of it, but I do not care, the move was what the history of the club imposes and regardless of the result it is worth recognizing the right things and pointing them out. I hope EVERYONE has understood and respected the fan a little more because a … dissolution of an infamous organization of the rich is not enough for football to honor the reason for its existence: the fans-fans! Search, find and read the announcement of the organized Milan and you will understand what I mean …

Υγ2: Once for a change, let’s not concede goals … Seventh consecutive match in which the team sees its home being violated! If they want to be there in the football department let them try to make the surprise and not concede a goal for a match, to change us a little, nothing else! Seriously now this is UNACCEPTABLE to happen and let everyone throw the responsibility wherever they want …

Υγ3: I do not understand Dioudis reacting like that in almost every match. I understand he is being delayed to serve the purpose of his team. I do not wrong him for that, everyone has done it, maybe not so much and in so many games in a row … But to go out and speak (and in French) to the few on the podium because they throw it at him, is unacceptable, he should not do it and in general it is not possible to constantly star in moments of tension no matter how right he is … He may be crooked with something, let him work it inside, do not become provocative!

Υγ4: For the first time in a long time, I completely agree with Himeneth in his statements and indeed Panathinaikos must feel lucky for the fact that it got the point in this match. The only bad thing is that AEK unfortunately did not win. The mentality of the team in the game, however, was the right one. Especially after the goal he scored and equalized, everyone ran with … rage to the crossbar and showed that they would be looking for the second goal. Maybe they had the conditions to find it in the race to the right of Garcia who, due to the tension and pressure, did not have a clear mind (and forces obviously) to turn the ball towards the goal otherwise and not in parallel in the hands of Dioudis!

Photo Credits: Costas Topas