AEK is weightless, it lost the opportunity to qualify in France

Opportunity to qualify for the next phase of the BCL from tonight was spent by AEK in France.

The “yellow-blacks” had a blur in their minds, were weightless in the critical points and gave the victory to Sole. AEK did not have a clear mind in the attack and entered the defense, losing fairly to the French.

The Union suffered its first defeat of the season, in Greece and Europe. With the score at 71-68, the players of Papatheodoros had two chances to score, but did not succeed, then accepting a partial 8-0. Keith Langford with 22 points was the top scorer of AEK, with Yannick Moreira adding 19 points and 12 rebounds.

Sole found solutions close to the basket and this enabled her to take control of the rhythm, thanks to Crovat and Jones (10-7, 4 ′). AEK tried to turn the scene around, but Kunder’s players controlled the pace, increasing the difference, with Stockton (16-10, 6 ′). Fofana made his presence felt, raising the difference even more (23-15, 8 ′). But Matsioulis said the last word in the tenth minute, reducing it to 24-17.

Hrovat and Kroma continued to hurt AEK’s defense, with the difference reaching double digits (31-21, 13 ′). The Union’s defense from that point picked up momentum. Moreira became a point of reference near the basket, with the guests reducing (31-25, 15 ′). Rogavopoulos’ three-pointers kept AEK close to the score (40-38, 18 ′). The Union continued at the same pace and thanks to a crazy shot by Gika, the first half ended with a 40-43 lead.

AEK entered the floor with a good rhythm and thanks to Moreira they increased their lead (42-49, 23 ′). Langford took action and despite Croatian efforts, the Union maintained control of the situation (51-57, 27 ′). The French remained faithful to their plan and managed to close the gap with Blakes in front (56-59, 29 ′). Stockton’s shots marked the end of the third quarter with AEK at +1 (58-59).

Fofana remained highly effective in the first minutes of the fourth period, with Sole taking the reins of the game again (66-62, 34 ′). Langford and Moreira were the ones who kept AEK close to the score and did not allow Sole to escape (71-68, 37 ′). With the difference of 3 points, AEK had the opportunity to equalize or even reduce, but Langford missed. Fofana and Stockton “spoke” and the difference went up for the French (75-68, 39 ′), clearing the game, with AEK experiencing its first defeat of the season.

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The ten minutes: 24-17, 40-43, 58-59, 79-70.

SOLE: Fofana (8/9 two points, 2/4 three points, 6 rebounds), Croats 14 (1 three points, 6 rebounds), Jones 9 (5 rebounds), Croma 10, Stockton 14 (1 three points, 6 assists), Blakes 8 (2 ), Diara 2, Makoudou.

AEK: Gikas 10 (2), Langford 22 (8/12 two points, 1/4 three points, 3/4 shots), Matsioulis 7 (1), Moreira 19 (9/15 two points, 1/1 shot, 12 rebounds), Zisis ( 0/5 shots, 2 assists), Chrysikopoulos, Jankovic 4, Katsivelis 2, Mavroidis, Mouzes, Rogavopoulos 6 (2).