A low cost defeat EuroLeague

The phrase “defeat like victory” tends to become a joke in the internet folklore of the internet, but I find it difficult to find a better cliché to describe what happened tonight at Panathinaikos.

He lost the match, but won in stature. He was defeated by Real, but he knows that he can beat a team of Real capacity.

The “damn” of the night are many and bitter, however one should place in the palanquin the intangible profits, those that do not appear in the ranking.

What is really better for Panathinaikos of reconstruction, reconstruction and low looks? Finish 10ος instead of 13ος or play a few rounds with the heavyweights in the ring?

Personally, I think it is more useful to add points to his boy in view of his future return to the upper floors, than to collect spores from here and there, in a desperate grading.

Even if his fatigue costs the day after tomorrow’s match with Alba, his courage in the face-to-face match with Real Madrid may seem more useful to him in the long journey to the future.

Unless one thinks that Panathinaikos of 2020-21 still has chances of excellence in the Euroleague, so let’s all go up to the clouds together to dream…

The distance from defeat to victory, against the golden “queen” I repeat, was a lost rebound, with the small Yul as the perpetrator 14 seconds before the end of the regular time.

The tall players of Panathinaikos all jumped together to displace Tavares and the sly captain of Real took advantage to equalize.

There had been 7 failed attempts from the 6m75: three from Panathinaikos (Nedovic and Sant-Roos), four from the Real elders.

The “greens” had another opportunity to clean the bunch without the torture of extensions, but they sealed them magnificently.

Nedovic seems to have been charged with a bait role in the last possession against a defensive monster named Taylor, but his teammates were bullied and the system never started.

This “broken play” finally crushed Panathinaikos, which did not get the upper hand again, despite its spectacular start in the first overtime (73-68).

Lasso withdrew the veterans and gave the reins to the newcomer Abalde, who had a birthday (literally and figuratively) and gave us an idea why Real refuses to look for a replacement for Cabazzo.

The international Spanish guard was the key man in the extra ten minutes. And he won the winning basket, with audacity reminiscent of Navarro of the good old days.

However, Panathinaikos had to make a series of blurred mistakes in the second overtime to fall on the canvas.

Three wasted possessions with towing blunders (Bohoridis, Papapetrou, Nedovic), three unnecessary fouls that sent the opponent to the line (Bohoridis twice, Papapetrou), a hasty shot by the Serb, eh, that was it.

The tank emptied shortly before the thread, against a team that has quality and experience in all lengths and widths of its bench.

Kozer, who played only 6.5 minutes, would be irreplaceable in Panathinaikos, as well as Laprovitola, so that we do not go far.

Or would a Taylor fall into the “clover”, so that Papapetrou, who tonight exceeded 44 minutes of participation, takes a breath?

Giorgos Vovoras did not deserve to come out defeated from the duel with the experienced, crowned and endowed with a plethora of Pablo Lasso jewels.

The defensive plan that kept Real’s machine at 68 points was tried, but justified, especially when it was embellished by a complex defense that started from a zone and ended in a man-to-man.

Lasso was forced to extract the oil of his basic tall ones, as a result of which he lost them early and reached the final straight without them.

Tavares was badly recruited with a lung release from the 41 minutes of participation, but with a weapon his invincible boy. On the contrary, the initially invincible Randolph disappeared after the third period.

Of course, the over-effort also damaged Panathinaikos itself, from the moment the rotation “closed” and was limited to 5-6 brave ones.

Especially the loss of Saint-Ross with 5The A foul at the beginning of the first overtime unleashed the defense of Panathinaikos, on which it felt invulnerable.

Real’s full recovery began immediately after the Cuban’s dismissal, with a three-pointer by Tombkins at 75-71.

Prior to that, the Spaniards had shot 10 bricks in a row from 6.75 m., As if trying to imitate the stoning with which Panathinaikos started the night (0/9).

The “greens” were admired for their method and perseverance in trying to pull Tavares away from the Spanish racket.

When the dinosaur from Cape Verde stayed behind and gave the shot to Papagiannis, he took it without the slightest hesitation.

At one point, in fact, the tall Panathinaikos executed five consecutive peripheral shots in successive occupations, from those that were added to his repertoire this year.

If Mitoglou had helped him a little with 1-2 three points earlier, the game might have taken a different form.

When Tavares again dared to go outside to score, Papagiannis sank into the Spanish basket like a torpedo and ended the phases with nails, with his teammates coordinating perfectly (four times, if I measured correctly).

Concentrated and agile in his reflexes, George Papagiannis has become another player this year. And I’m not talking about the force with which he nails the ball. He always had her.

Nemanja Nedovic was slow to warm up, but he took courage when Lasso assigned his mark to the old man-Yul and scored 23 points after the halftime break.

It would be excessive and arrogant to praise him for his scattered mistakes, as he plays in the red.

Bentil’s 9 points against the unripe Garouba in the second period was another proof that Panathinaikos had read the game perfectly, with players and coach coordinated on the same wavelength.

Papapetrou remains irreplaceable, as he does almost all the work well, visible and invisible. His mistake at 82-82 will haunt him for a long time, but, I repeat, it is absurd to demand flawless journeys from players who lift so much weight.

Or should we ask for change for the defensive defeats of Lefteris Bohoridis against the aphrodisiac Abalde?

The Northern Helladic guard came from the edge of the bench to play two overtimes after the loss of Sant-Roos, Mac. He started with a lad basket and did not panic for a moment.

His two well-aimed shots in the final of the first overtime and the offensive foul he won immediately after against Yul, from whom so many have been defeated, were his personal gallon.

This particular defense would be envied by Diamantidis, while the previous shots would hardly be scored by Kalathis.