A fine of 90,000 euros in the city of Paris, because he put many women in managerial positions

A fine was imposed on the Paris municipal authorities for placing “too many” women in high-ranking positions, a decision that the mayor of the French capital, Anne Indalgo, called absurd.

The fine of 90,000 euros was imposed by the Ministry of Public Sector, on the grounds that the city hall of Paris violated the national rule for gender equality, in the staffing of 2018.

“I am pleased to announce that we have been fined,” Indalgo told a city council meeting, adding that she was happy to learn of the sentence. The “mistake”, she explained, was that in 2018 11 women were placed and only 5 men in managerial positions in the town hall, which means that 69% of the positions were given to women.

“The town hall administration suddenly became too feminist,” the mayor scoffed. According to the text of the decision, cited by Le Monde, the town hall violated a rule of 2013, which stipulates that a gender should not occupy more than 60% of managerial appointments.

Indalgo said she would personally take the fine check to the government, along with all the women who work for it. In a more serious tone, he commented: “The fine is obviously absurd, unfair, trivial and dangerous” and added that women in France should be promoted “vigorously, because the backlog is still very long” anywhere in the country.

“Yes, in order to one day achieve equality, we must accelerate the pace and ensure that more women than men are placed in positions,” the mayor added.

For her part, the Minister of Public Sector, Amelie de Monsalen, wrote in a Twitter post that the “irrational” rule was abolished in 2019. Addressing Indalgo, she said: “I want the fine that Paris will pay for 2018 to be financed actions to promote women in public services. I invite you to the ministry to discuss them “.

With information from AFP

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