A coveted feature is coming to the Xbox Series X | S

THE Quick Resume technology of Xbox Series X | S is arguably one of the most striking unique features of Microsoft’s next-generation systems. However, one of the players’ complaints was that you could not know when a game was in Quick Resume mode.

That is about to change now that Microsoft has announced that the coveted feature is now in beta for Xbox Insiders. More specifically, now the owners of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S who are members of the program, will see in My Games & Apps and in the Quick Menu that opens with the press of the Xbox button a new Group.

This will include games that are in standby mode so you can find and switch between them instantly and quickly. At the same time, you will be able to remove any game from Quick Resume mode at the touch of a button. Being a Group, you will be able to add it to the main page of the Dashboard, so as soon as the console opens you can access in seconds all the games that are waiting.

Below you can see some pictures that show the function of the feature.

The second new feature that Microsoft is preparing for its consoles is Audio passthrough. This will allow media applications, such as Netflix, to bypass Xbox audio processing and send the signal directly to your device. This feature is especially useful for audiophiles with high-end setups who may be using an Xbox console as the focus of their media center.

Finally, the company has already provided the new general information of the ecosystem, which covers consoles, mobile applications, etc. In this context you can find out more about the achievements in the Xbox mobile app on iOS and Android, a new tab in the Xbox Game Pass menu on the consoles, which allows you to see the subscription games played by your friends, while now it has arrived for all the feature that increases the speeds of downloads.

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