A collaborator of the show burst into tears after the video with Alexia – Newsbeast

One of her rare interviews Alexias hosted on Tuesday morning at “Happy” since the renowned singer does not speak often. While playing the video with the interview, her partner Katerina Keinourgiou, Giannis Poulopoulos started to simmer.

So, as soon as the screening was over, the presenter wanted to know what was going on and the journalist confessed his moving story and how much Alexia stood by him when he lost his brother. In fact, he could not hold back his tears in the “air” of the show.

“It simply came to our notice then. I have a very personal story with Alexia. In 1995, when my brother was killed in a car accident – I was a fan of Alexia – this girl talked to me for a month, three hours a day on the phone. “This was for a child of mine then, a man who was the biggest star in Greece at that time, Alexia, to support me in this way, I will never forget,” he said.

To later reveal that the singer has dedicated a record of hers to his brother who has been killed.

“She is our family friend now, after so long, and every time I see her I am very moved,” said Giannis Poulopoulos.