A 25 – year – old woke up during surgery but could not say (pic) | Plus: International

A young man said that woke up during surgery, but he could not say.

Corey Burke, 25, said his ordeal was not painful, but described it as “very uncomfortableWhen the anesthetic failed to work, the Mirror reports.

Mr Burke, from Queensland, Australia, has a mental disability and usually has a companion with him.

But the doctors told the attendant to leave the room.

Due to his disability, could not contact doctors, so he was powerless to stop the surgery, despite the fact that he could feel everything.

“I was still awake and I tried to tell them“But they did the operation anyway.”

He added that “it was not painful but it was very uncomfortable”.

“People with disabilities need a little extra care, especially if feel anxious or nervous“, Said Mr. Burke.