80% rent “haircut”: Which KAD will benefit, who stays out

Rental “haircut” at 80% for the months January – February: The measure is mandatory, in the sense that property owners are obliged to accept this huge reduction that will affect very specific KAD. But they, in turn, will receive a “brave” compensation for their “loss” from the state.

Vangelis Dourakis writes

With no revenue and with the shutters down continuously since March – with a few exceptions – and the costs, such as rent, the decision to “run” was a one-way street: Especially when all indications are that the pandemic will continue to hurt and the first quarter of the new year. Those who in January or February again receive a state order to keep their shutters down in their stores will pay only 20% of the rent agreed at the lease.

Who will pay 80% “cut” rent – Who stays out
Those businesses that will have the right to deposit 80% reduced rent with their landlord, are those related to retail, catering, tourism, sports, culture: In any case, they will be the ones who will have to continue to have the shutters are down.
Thus, a trader who was forced to close his shop and will continue to have it closed – following a state order – in January, if for example the amount of rent at the lease was 600 euros will pay only 120 euros to the lessor. The same can be repeated in February, if it remains closed after the order of the state. All KADs included in the recent list of closed companies are also potential beneficiaries (s.s .: in the section that follows the whole list in detail) of this “brave” discount. The same facility, however, does not seem to have affected businesses (that is, those that remain open and maintain even a rudimentary activity), but neither do suspended employees and their children.
The specific categories will pay – unless something changes dramatically – “cut” by 40% rents as until today and will not switch to the regime of reduction by 80%.

“Brave” return of damage to the owners – What they will get
But care will also be taken for property owners who will eventually receive 80% of the rent agreed: 20% will be received by the tenant and 60% by the state in the form of cash.
For example: Landlord and landlord had agreed on a monthly rent of 700 euros. The tenant has the opportunity to pay this amount “cut” by 80% to the owner of the property, if it closes by state order in January. Thus, the tenant will give the landlord an amount of only 140 euros. For its part, however, the state will come and return to the owner of the property 60% of the agreed rent, as compensation, ie an amount of 420 euros. For January, the landlord of the property will finally receive 560 euros (from the State and the tenant) which correspond to 80% of the rent initially agreed in the lease.

The list of KAD
Potential beneficiaries of the “cut” rent of 80% in January could be all those who joined the recent list of YPOIK with the KAD that were compulsorily lowered after a state order “rolls” in early November. If, therefore, the companies of KAD of the following list remain closed during the first month of the new year, they will become beneficiaries of the 80% discount on rent.

A table with the Activity Code Number (ACT) of the suspended activities is provided. It is noted that companies that have multiple activities, continue their operation in terms of activities that are excluded from the following Table. In case of a four-digit KAD, all subcategories of five-digit, six-digit and eight-digit are included. In case of a five-digit number, all categories of six-digit and eight-digit numbers are included. In case of six digits, all categories of eight digits are included.

See here in detail the list of KAD