50+ and “KILLS”! Halle Berry video that you will not be able to stand!

50+ and “KILLS”! Halle Berry video that you will not be able to stand! What about Halle Berry and not looking boring and pointless repeating?
She made history by reviving the famous Ursula Andres in the James Bond film “Die Another Day” in 2002. Eighteen years later, Halle Berry proves that she still has it and could still be a Bond girl today. The 54-year-old actress with the deadly body broke on Instagram with the photo she uploaded.

In the video uploaded by Hali wearing a revealing bikini, she comes out of the sea reviving the same scene and it is a delight…

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At 53, Halle Berry has one of the most stunning silhouettes you can find on Instagram. The Oscar-winning actress is training hard, as we see in the frequent videos she uploads to Instagram and pays attention to her diet. In fact, every Friday she posts photos of herself from her workouts on Instagram and uses the hashtag #fitnessfriday.

But how does she manage at the age of 53 to have perfect 20-pound proportions? Halle Berry has revealed that she follows the ketogenic diet program. This diet (keto diet) is based on high fats, low protein and low to zero carbohydrates. The ketogenic diet is rich in foods that contain good fats, such as nuts, avocados, fish, tahini, oil. Prohibited foods in the ketogenic diet are cereals, bread, rice, pasta, starchy vegetables, lots of fruit, sweets, sugar, honey and legumes. And the incredibly beautiful Halle Berry!