$ 40 million sued by models for illegally posting inappropriate videos

“Heavy bell” may be heard by the people in charge of the well-known internet platform Pornhub, claiming compensation of at least $ 1 million in each of the 40 plaintiffs. This is a group initiative of 40 American, professional models, who were forced to videotape porn scenes by the company Girls Do Porn.

THE Girls Do Porn is one of the content providers on Pornhub, which is ultimately responsible for the publication of this material. The 40 ladies claim to have been cheated, as did Girls Do Porn more or less blackmailed them, pushing them to participate in the creation “Inappropriate” videos, with the commitment, however, that this material was not intended for posting on the Internet or for any kind of circulation in the USA.

Of course Girls Do Porn took advantage of the innocence of the 40 present plaintiffs, with the simple assurance that their porn videos would only be released on DVD and in markets outside the US, such as Australia. It goes without saying that Girls Do Porn immediately forwarded the material in question to Pornhub, from where it was normally watched by relatives, friends, acquaintances and so on. of models. Then their reputation and life were destroyed, as they were stigmatized and marginalized. In fact, most of them cite serious mental disorders, with tendencies or even suicide attempts.

One of the victims had tried to convince Pornhub withdraw its own material, informing that if the videos are not removed from the platform, it will commit suicide. Pornhub was indifferent at first. However, in December 2019, the executives of Girls Do Porn were arrested by the FBI – and the “sweater” began to be taken off.

Some 24 hours ago, Pornhub withdrew thousands of amateur porn videos, in the context of tightening its policy in relation to non-certified providers of hardware. However, the consequences of content trafficking with non-consensual hard porn scenes are already present, as financial services such as Mastercard, American Express etc. have currently stopped working with Pornhub. A possible conviction, with an order for compensation of more than 40 million dollars, may prove to be the beginning of the end for this platform. Or even for any other of its kind.

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